About Abiding in Hope

Abiding in Hope is a brand new radio show with Catholic therapist (Columbus),Mary Ann Jepsen, MACPC, LPCC and Fr. John Sims Baker, JD, MDiv(Nashville). The show features practical insights on hope, joy, growth, and redemption: why you need them and how to find them. Listener questions are welcomed.

The show airs Saturdays at 11AM and Sundays at 3PM on St. Gabriel Catholic Radio AM 820.

Mary Ann Jepsen

Mary Ann Jepsen is a licensed professional clinical counselor in the state of Ohio with master’s degrees in clinical and pastoral counseling. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing. She is the founder of Covenant Integrative Counseling Services and practices at St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Sunbury, OH and Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Columbus, OH.

She approaches her counseling practice from a Catholic Christian perspective in helping her clients through the most emotionally, behaviorally, and spiritually challenging moments of their lives. By integrating the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of her clients’ lives into the counseling relationship, she offers a comprehensive and faith-centered approach to healing.

Her main areas of clinical focus are the following: abuse, adjustment/transition, adolescent and/or adult relational problems, anxiety, boundary concerns, chronic illness, depression, grief, marital and family problems, parenting, post traumatic stress, same-sex attraction/sexual integrity, and marriage and remarriage preparation.

She has worked as a registered nurse in post-op surgical recovery, surgical intensive care, and in the office setting. While obtaining her master’s degrees, she studied (theology, church history, scripture) and worked at the Pontifical College Josephinum. She worked in Christian counseling agencies prior to founding her own counseling practice, and has worked as an adjunct faculty member at Ashland Theological Seminary. She is a speaker for the Diocese of Columbus’s Marriage and Family Life Office and for other engagements on a variety of topics. She has served as a board member of St. Michael’s School, Legatus and St. Paul’s Outreach.

Mary Ann is the wife of Dr. Stephen Jepsen and is the mother of four sons: Luke, Matthew, Mark, and Sean (all graduates of St. Michael School, St. Charles Preparatory, and The Ohio State University). She and her husband are parishioners at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Powell, Ohio.

She has been a host on St. Gabriel Radio since 2010 with The Spotlight Show, The Family Sanctuary, and Abiding in Hope. She is also a frequent host for the biannual Spirit Drives.

Fr. John Sims Baker

 Fr. John Sims Baker is currently serving as pastor of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Murfreesboro, TN.

Fr. Baker was part of the staff at Pontifical College Josephinum, where he served in many capacities, including Acting Vice-Rector of the College, Dean of Community Life, Director of Human Formation and assistant professor.

Fr. Baker completed his own seminary studies at Pontifical College Josephinum 22 years ago. Prior to entering seminary, he graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Law in Nashville, Tennessee and completed his undergraduate studies from the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee.

He has served in a number of parishes and positions for the Diocese of Nashville, including pastor of St. Patrick Church and pastor of St. Mary of Seven Sorrows Church, the oldest church in Nashville. Fr. Baker served from 2006 to 2016 as Catholic Chaplain for Vanderbilt University, where he created (from the ground up) the thriving Catholic campus ministry for colleges in middle Tennessee.

Fr. Baker grew up in the small town of Ashland City Tennessee, where his father was a judge. His Mom, Dad, sister and he were a devout Episcopalian family. His sister was the first to become Catholic, right after college graduation. Shortly thereafter, she entered the convent and became a Dominican sister. Fr. Baker began taking instructions in the Catholic faith prior to the start of Law School. Two short years after his own First Communion, he and his sister were the sponsors for their parents when they joined the Catholic Church in 1988.